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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glory2X Manchester United!!!!!


I'm coming back with my new story...
Glory-glory Manchester United!!!

Little history about them

Manchester United Football Club is an English
professional football club, based in Old Trafford, Greater 
Manchester, that plays in the Premier League. Founded 
as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, the club 
changed its name to Manchester United in 1902 and 
moved to Old Trafford in 1910.

In 1968, under the management of Matt Busby 
, Manchester United was the first English football club
to win the European Cup, ten years after the Munich 
air disaster that claimed the lives of eight players. Alex
Ferguson is the most successful manager in the 
club's history, having won 26 major honours since he
took over in November 1986.

The club is unique in having won a Premier
League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League Treble,
in the 1998–99 season. Having won a joint-record
18 league titles, four League Cups and a record 11 FA Cups,Manchester United is the joint most successful 
club in the history of English football.

Manchester United is one of the wealthiest and most 
widely supported football teams in the world. The club is
said to be worth £1.19 billion, making it the most 
valuable football club in the world.After being floated 
on the London Stock Exchange in 1991, the club was 
purchased by Malcolm Glazer in May 2005 in a deal 
valuing the club at almost £800 million.

My favourite player,,,
Wayne Rooney!!!! 

My Big Family

This picture is taken during first of Hari Raya...
It only half from our entire family...

In this Picture is,
my cousin,auntie,and nephew....
occasionally cause our house to meet noise with various
actions and behavior from my family!!!!  

I hope and pray for the happiness that we have will last forever..

My Favourite Musics

This is My favourite music band that i most like....
One of their best song title is "Suppose"

This is their lyrics


Suppose that I missed you
Suppose that I care
And suppose that spent all my nights running scared
And suppose
That I was never there

And my eyes are screaming for a sight of you
And tonight I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through
And I can't hold on to you
So I guess I'll be lonely too

Suppose we were happy
Suppose it was true
And suppose there were cold nights
But we somehow made it through
And suppose that I'm nothing without you

My eyes I'm screaming for a sight of you
And tonight I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through
And I can't hold on to you
So I guess I'll be lonely too

Slow way down
This break down's eating me alive
And I'm tired
This fight is fighting to survive

Tell me a secret (I want it)
Tell me a story (I need it)
I'll listen intensively
I'll stay awake all night
All of me is a whisper (So don't leave)
There's nothing left in me (Please help me)
Not even my body is strong enough to fight (Let's make this right)
Please help me make this right

Suppose that I was wrong
Suppose you were here
And suppose that I reached out and caught your tears
And suppose this fight just disappeared

And my eyes are screaming for a sight of you
And tonight I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through
And I can't hold on to you
So I guess I'll be lonely too
But I'd rather be here with you 

Hope you will enjoying this lyrics=0

PeoPleS aRouNd Me????


Prof Genius in the house....ahakz..

In this post, i come 
with my next story that i wan to share with all of you...

Peoples around me??
Surely i want share with all of you 
about the best friends that i ever have..
without them, i cannot survive with my life as 
a university student.

Highest appreciation and thanks
to this people,
Zarif, Shahril Fikry, Izwan,
Amirul, Nashriq, Azmir, Syukri 
and Mohd Afdzal 
for helping and support in travel 
to reach my destiny.

This picture of all my classmates
when i study at Perlis Matriculation College.
Experience with them is also one
of the most cherished experiences in my life...
Being with them,
I starting learn on how to
manage my life as a pre-university


mY faMiLy...


This is picture of my beloved family...
With handsome man and beautiful woman, we love as really happy family ...

Start with my father.
His name is Ismail Bin Nordin.
Now he was 63 years old...
Looking as serious person, nobody wonder he is a very happy go lucky person.
I really proud with him,because he was
regular with his establishment...

My mother name is
Norhani Binti Jema'at.
Now,he was  58 years old.
She is very caring and loving mother.
She is an expert in sewing and cooking.
That why,
My weight always increase dramatically when i go home,,,hehehe

My Second brother, Mohamd Izzudin Bin Ismail.
Now he is 18 years old.
He study at Johor Matriculation College in
Accounting Course.
 We share same hobby,,,
Playing Guitar!!!

My third sister,
Nur Wahida Binti Ismail.
17 years old and now taking SPM.
All the best for her!!!
My fourth and last brother,
Mohamad Amirudin and Mohamad Azmirudin.
Amirudin now in form 1, and 
Azmirudin in standard 2.
Their hobby,
Fighting among each other...=B

That a little bit information about my family.
Happy to share my story all of you=) 

About Myself


Assalamualaikum and hye to all of you.

Let me introduce myself first. 
Name given, Mohamad Ismarudin Bin Ismail.
I was born on May 8th,1991 at Sultanah Aminah Hospital,
Johor Bahru.
I am now 19 years old and still single,hehehehe=)

I am now study at Universti Teknologi Mara(UITM)
in Malacca City Campus.
Among the places that I have been learned is
i)Sekolah Kebangsaan Felcra Sungai Ara 
ii)Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Habab
iii)Perlis Matriculation College
Now I am here,,,
as student at university,
taking Degree in Business Administration
(Human Resource Management)

Little bit info about me,,
i mostly like calculations and musics...
I like Mathematics 
playing guitar also...
And i share my interest with my siblings..

Anybody those have facebook account 
can add me at this address..

Nice to  know all of you=)