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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mY faMiLy...


This is picture of my beloved family...
With handsome man and beautiful woman, we love as really happy family ...

Start with my father.
His name is Ismail Bin Nordin.
Now he was 63 years old...
Looking as serious person, nobody wonder he is a very happy go lucky person.
I really proud with him,because he was
regular with his establishment...

My mother name is
Norhani Binti Jema'at.
Now,he was  58 years old.
She is very caring and loving mother.
She is an expert in sewing and cooking.
That why,
My weight always increase dramatically when i go home,,,hehehe

My Second brother, Mohamd Izzudin Bin Ismail.
Now he is 18 years old.
He study at Johor Matriculation College in
Accounting Course.
 We share same hobby,,,
Playing Guitar!!!

My third sister,
Nur Wahida Binti Ismail.
17 years old and now taking SPM.
All the best for her!!!
My fourth and last brother,
Mohamad Amirudin and Mohamad Azmirudin.
Amirudin now in form 1, and 
Azmirudin in standard 2.
Their hobby,
Fighting among each other...=B

That a little bit information about my family.
Happy to share my story all of you=) 

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